The Last Stand

TV Documentary

The Last Stand - Le Dernier Gaulois

TV Documentary for French TV channel France 2.


The first motion capture TV documentary ever made in Europe

MocapLab Paris were responsible for the whole motion capture process in this project. From capturing the body and eye gaze of each actor, through to capturing the performance of a horse.

Le Dernier Gaulois 4

Life and Death of Caesar's worst enemy

Forgotten, fantasised over and mythologised, Gaul is not what you had imagined. It’s time to discover it’s true face. In 90 minutes, thanks to the wonders of animation, this ambitious docu-fiction brings Gaul back to life. Supported by recent archaeological discoveries, the intertwining narration of Gallic warrior, Apator, and a historical expert’s explications of documentary sequences breathe new life into the mysterious Gallic civilisation.

  • Director: Samuel Tilman
  • Production: Programm 33
  • Post Production: Fortiche Studio