"Motion is fundamental to everything, of our human understanding of how the world works."   Rémi Brun.

After several years of dedicated work in R&D, developing specific internal tools to capture the precision needed for Sign Language recording, MocapLab is delighted to show the results of our collaboration with Gallaudet University.

"My Three Animals” is an original ASL nursery rhyme produced through The Motion Light Lab at Gallaudet University and using MocapLab's sign language motion capture technology.

This project investigates the natural temporal patterning in ASL using mocap data and animation. Our goal is to create signing avatars without compromising the prosody and fluency in ASL storytelling.

Translation into English:

So! I live with three animals! One dog, one cat, and one bird!

Everyday, my dog barks at me; Everyday, my cat stares at me; Everyday, my bird sings to me.

Why? Oh! It's because they want food! They beg and I feed them!

On a Saturday, oh no! My dog barks, my cat stares, my bird sings, and they all three beg! I feed, feed, and feed!

But, I love my three animals!

So! I live with three animals! One dog, one cat, and one bird!

Funded by the National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning at Gallaudet University.

Gallaudet M B RGallaudet & MocapLab Image