Extreme Mocap - University Hospital Besançon

Last week was dedicated to a mocap session in a real operating theatre.

 After an initial practice mocap session on our stage in Paris several weeks ago, MocapLab went on to successfully carry out a hand motion capture session, during the treatment of an aneurysm.

To achieve this challenging task, our Vicon system was moved from Paris to the operating theatre of the Interventional Neuroradiology department at the University  Hospital of Besançon,  headed by Professor Alessandra Biondi.  We were thus able to accurately record the gestures of the neuroradiologist Dr Guillaume Charbonnier during the treatment of a patient.

This hand gesture measurement was carried out within the context of the CODA project, directed by Dr Charbonnier.  The objective being: to redesign a robot to improve the treatment of cerebral infarction, the leading cause of disability in the world.  This robot aims to reduce the patients care time, as well as to overcome territorial inequalities through remote surgery. 

More information is to follow once the data are processed...