Tell us a bit about you...When did you start the company? What programs/plugins do you use? How do you keep up with all the changes in technology?

Mocaplab started in 2007, but I started in the field of Motion Capture back in 1993 with ‘Actisystem’ first European Mocap company (I was one of the 3 partners). I then moved to London for 4 years offering Mocap services in Soho and finally moved back to Paris to join Attitude Studio to set up the motion capture facility(the largest in Europe at that time).

MocapLab’s vision is not to be an animation company using Motion Capture but to be the Motion Capture experts for all types of uses, including animation. So our focus is to keep up to date with all the mocap technologies, as far as we can. We are Vicon based, mainly but also have a NaturalPoint system, and are still looking into all the other solutions that we might use on projects, depending on the needs. We also use Vicon Blade, Motion Builder and a bit of Maya. We also use and develop our own internal tools, many plugins for Mobu and also for Blade and our own eyetracking solution (hardware and software). We have also developed internally our own solution for finger capture. We see ourselves essentially as Motion Engineers, as others are Sound Engineers....READ MORE

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